About Us

About Us

We passionately believe in the value of massage therapy, and strive to deliver the highest quality massage therapy education globally today. We are committed to providing the best educational experience to future leaders in the massage therapy community in Canada and around the world.

Our Mission Statement: Canada’s leader and pioneer in delivering nationally recognized massage therapy education in a professional, student-centred learning environment. CCMH mentors and challenges its students to reach their greatest potential as aspiring massage therapists.

Our Massage Therapy Diploma Program has a world-class reputation amongst healthcare professionals, which is maintained through regular curriculum updates to reflect state-of-the-art knowledge and current research.

Our program leads students through a step-by-step progression of learning experiences culminating in a thorough understanding of the human body. Through over 2200 hours of training in various courses such as anatomy, neurology, kinesiology and remedial exercise, CCMH graduates are well prepared for work as a massage therapist. Theoretical courses are balanced by hands-on classes in the art and science of Massage Therapy. In addition, students learn the foundation skills that prepare them to establish and operate their own practices and businesses. The end result is the most highly trained graduates of massage therapy schools in Ontario.

CCMH students gain over 330 hours of supervised clinical experience through regular shifts in our on-site Public Intern Clinic, hospital placements, outreach hours, and elective options.