Massage Therapy and Sports

Massage Therapy and Sports


Massage Therapy and sports often times go hand in hand. An interest in sports is what leads many of our students to become RMTs. Some of our students are athletes themselves who’ve taken up Massage Therapy to support other athletes. From figure skating to boxing, massage therapy is helpful to all, not only professionals.

Massage Therapy can even be further specified to Sports Therapy where athletes are treated specifically by sport, training cycle, and more. Many people think of therapy as a way to heal an injury, but Sports Therapy is also used for preventing injuries and relaxation.

Natiely Lai, a CCMH graduate, is an athlete herself. She is an avid boxer who uses her RMT education as well as professional boxing knowledge to treat other athletes in the ring. One of her patients, Carolyn Redmond, highly benefits from Natiely’s Sports Massage Therapy: “massage has played a huge part in my recovery. It helps me recover faster and loosens tight muscles that can cause a lot of pain. The muscle activation massage right before my fight has helped my legs and arms feel awake and ready to go!”

Shaelyn Elliott is another CCMH graduate who participated in competitive figure skating. She knows first hand that figure skaters are prone to many injuries including tendinitis, concussions, compartment syndrome, and more. From her experience, she’s seen that Massage Therapy can change physical muscle tone, decrease stress and anxiety, rehabilitate injuries, as well as improve athletic performance. Because of this, Shaelyn recommends regular maintenance of massage routines for figure skaters.

A previous kinesiology student, Cagla Baktiroglu, found her calling as an RMT. Now as a graduate of CCMH, as well as a hockey player, she is working at one of the largest sports medicine clinics in the country. Cagla knows hockey is a very demanding contact sport that creates many injuries from dislocated shoulders to concussions. She believes Massage Therapy is a way to keep injuries at bay since it can prevent muscle and joint injuries, boost performance, and extend a player’s career. It’s helped her on and off the ice!

Are you a recreational or professional athlete? Find out more about the benefits to (Sports) Massage Therapy today!


Interested in pursuing a career as a Massage Therapist? A new semester starts in January and it’s easier than you think! Learn about our other students who found their path at CCMH by checking out our blog.

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