The Post-War Roots of CCMH

The Post-War Roots of CCMH

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To celebrate our 70th anniversary, we’re focusing on the history of CCMH on our blog. So far, we’ve discussed the history of Massage regulation, and more. Today we want to share a bit about the wartime history and founding of CCMH. Hang onto your hats, we’re going back in time!

Returning to Canada from WWII was incredibly difficult for many soldiers – not just emotionally but financially as well. To ease their burden, the Government of Canada made it the law that no individual could lose their job as a result of having served in the Armed Forces. There were a few problems with this law, namely that many veterans did not have jobs before WWII, and some found that the jobs they came home to no longer existed. As a result of these common issues, the government established key programs to make it easier for veterans to get back on their feet at home.

New jobs for veterans required training and education. To facilitate the process, The Department of Veterans Affairs provided vocational training for veterans, and even helped rehabilitate the wounded. Veterans also received financial aid from the Veterans Rehabilitation Act in order to attend university and college. In an effort to help them return to work even faster, some universities even accelerated their academic programs.

So what does all this have to do with CCMH?

You might already know that CCMH was established in 1946, right after World War II. What you might not know is that CCMH was created with the mission to give able-bodied veterans a service that they could provide to disabled veterans! Healing has always been our focus, especially for people in need. With over 70 years of delivering quality education in Massage Therapy to students across Canada behind us, we are proud to continue to help our students begin meaningful careers. Massage Therapy is not considered an essential service, but in our minds, our students’ healing hands are priceless.

Ready to start your career in Massage Therapy? Study at CCMH! To learn more about our college, follow us on Facebook or arrange a campus visit by emailing us at [email protected]

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