From Landscape to Massage: Benjamin’s Journey in Massage Therapy

From Landscape to Massage: Benjamin’s Journey in Massage Therapy

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Benjamin is a current Massage Therapy student at our CCMH Cambridge campus. With a background in construction, he was looking for a way to strike a good work-life balance while still being able to work with his hands. He started at CCMH two years ago and is now nearing the end of his term. With finals lurking ahead, he was kind enough to take a break from studying and to give us some details about his journey into Massage.


Before Benjamin started the program, he shaped landscapes out of stone, wood and earth.  Along with the construction/horticultural component he also took part in the landscape design aspect of the industry. He loved the work but having been in many different companies along the way, Benjamin realized that his dream of owning his own landscape company would not be conducive to a family life.  “I have just seen so many contractors through the years that are working more than 10-12 hour days and that is not something I want to be doing with a family at home.”

Benjamin’s wife is a naturopathic doctor, which is what sparked his interest in Massage Therapy. They wanted to work together to strike up a more equal work-life balance. Both being big believers in choosing their own destiny, they decided to look into enrolling Benjamin in a Massage program.

The process of selecting a Massage school was an intensive one. Benjamin’s family lives in Stratford Ontario, and understandably wanted something in that area.  They started by asking around, and took a lot of referrals and word of mouth to guide them at first. Then, after looking at pass rates and taking feedback into account, they decided to apply at CCMH, because it had one of the highest ranking with regards to licensing exam pass rates.  Benjamin said the process was fairly straightforward once he decided this was where he wanted to attend. “I came to an open house, met with Tatum when in the process of looking for schools. During our second meeting, we discussed finances and a couple more specifics. I signed up the next day.”

His love of science helped make the process fun and enjoyable, but he admits that Anatomy was a challenge. “Learning anatomy was both my biggest challenge and my biggest reward.”

At this point in his journey, Benjamin has two and half weeks left in the program and feels that this will be the biggest challenge so far. “I’m right in the thick of it,” he joked. “It’ll be easier to talk about once I am on the other side.” We look forward to catching up with him in a few months!

Benjamin is pleased with his education, along with the transferable skills he learned along the way. He enjoyed working with his hands outdoors, while in the construction industry, and feels it is important for a prospective Massage Therapy student to build that strength in your body and to keep yourself in good health, especially for those used to a desk job.

Now that his program is winding down, Benjamin and his wife are looking towards the future. They will be working together at her current office, The Space Within. They have a naturopathic doctor, an acupuncturist and many different psychotherapists, so he feels that Massage Therapy would be a natural service to provide. For other students about to end their time at CCMH, Benjamin has some advice: Be ready!

“You have to be ready for a challenge, educationally. While the majority of the time we spend in the program is practical. If you’re not ready for the theoretical and science based component, you’ll be surprised by it! Live up to the challenge – it’s going to be one. But it’s all well worth it!”

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