Why Should I Become a Massage Therapist in Canada?

Why Should I Become a Massage Therapist in Canada?


If you’re thinking of pursuing a career as a Registered Massage Therapist, consider studying and practicing in Canada! There are many reasons why Canada is the perfect place to pursue this dynamic career. Here are a few reasons that ring true for our students and graduates.


A well connected network of peers


The old saying “it’s not what you know, but who you know” has some truth in the Massage Therapy community. There is strength in numbers, and there are many registered Massage Therapists across the country to connect with. There are over 16,000 RMTs in Ontario, providing a large network of professionals.


Due to the large number of RMTs practicing in Canada, helpful associations such as the RMTAO exist to protect the rights and interests of Massage Therapists at large. Advocacy is key in a profession like Massage Therapy where many practitioners are self employed.


Deep roots for great opportunities


Massage Therapy is a well established form of physical therapy in the Canadian healthcare system. As a result, there are Massage Therapy institutions in Canada with deep roots and strong alliances. CCMH has been around for 70 years! Students who enroll in a well integrated and well respected school such as CCMH will benefit from access to job boards tailored to RMTs, will be taught key job search techniques, and will be placed in excellent clinics as interns during their studies where they can get hands-on experience. All this will prepare them well for the workplace.


Work is plentiful


When choosing your career, it’s important to be realistic about your prospects. You may be passionate about a field that is extremely hard to work in. Massage Therapy is an excellent career path, especially in Canada, because there are opportunities in the field to choose from. According to CCMH alum Adryon Hutton:

Massage Therapy is one of the most evolving and diverse medical professions that exist today. You can focus your practice on so many different types of therapy – pregnancy and maternity, sports, geriatric, neuro, rehabilitation, pediatrics, chronic illness, first nations or maybe a little bit of everything.


Narrowing down your focus may be the biggest obstacle in your career as work for RMTs is plentiful in Canada. “I can get work easily. I have never not had a place to work”, says Frances Hay-Gould, a graduate from CCMH Cambridge. Nancy Howden, RMT and CCMH graduate adds ”Massage Therapy is an amazing field to be in right now – the world is your oyster.” Best of all, well established Canadian institutions like CCMH share RMT work opportunities via their alumni job boards and even their blog. They also occasionally hire former students for some teaching positions in the school. Teaching opportunities offer the chance to stay up to date on Massage Therapy techniques. “I find that teaching keeps me current and motivated. I’m always learning,” says Annis Downey, CCMH Halifax graduate and instructor.


If you’re interested in pursuing a career in Massage Therapy, consider studying and practicing in Canada. CCMH/WCCMT has branches across the country and our friendly staff would love to give you a tour and answer all your program related questions. We can’t wait to connect with you!

At CCMH/WCCMT, we are here to help our students reach their full potential and even if you haven’t visited our campus, we can give you many reasons why you should. We will work with you to give you the education, tools and experience you need to become great at Massage Therapy.

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