Massage Therapy Training is Valuable in Other Careers

Massage Therapy Training is Valuable in Other Careers


We caught up with Leslie Bader, a CCMH grad who studied at both the Sutton and Newmarket campus. Leslie is an interesting interviewee for us because she is not currently working as a RMT. Despite no longer working in Massage Therapy, Leslie deeply values her time at CCMH and the education she earned through consistent hard work and dedication. After graduating, Leslie became a full-time RMT, then transitioned to a role as a part-time RMT while she studied to become a Registered Nurse. Her education in Massage Therapy supported her financially and academically in nursing school. We spoke with her about her education, her goals and her advice for students.

How did you get started in Massage Therapy?
I received a relaxation Massage for chronic low back pain. It relieved the pain somewhat and just made me feel good. My friend had a Massage business in her beautiful west coast home – I envisioned myself doing the same.

What were some rewarding moments in becoming a RMT?
As a student I valued the hundreds of Massages I received over my two years. I learned from all of them and put that learning into my practice. As a RMT, I enjoyed being able to help someone with my head, heart and hands – and later when I added Thai Massage, with my feet!

Do you have any advice for current students?
Sometimes you may wonder, “Why am I doing this course? Why do I need to fill in that form or do that tiny assignment?” Embrace every little piece of the program puzzle, and be respectful of the administrative details. Your hoop-jumping will get you to a career as a RMT.

We love that advice! What are you doing now?
I worked full time as a Massage Therapist on my own and for various clinics. Then I practiced part-time whilst studying to be a Registered Nurse.  I am currently studying Horticulture (plants) and thinking about Horticulture Therapy.

That sounds so interesting! What did you learn at CCMH that you brought to your life outside of Massage Therapy?
I did very well in my studies at CCMH after believing that I was not good at sciences. The CCMH in-depth training served me well for nursing studies.

Leslie, we are wishing you all the best in your career, wherever it takes you next!

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