Major League Dreams Start with a Career in Massage

Major League Dreams Start with a Career in Massage

Wahid Rahmaty is a student at CCMH Cambridge. Since starting in May 2016, he has learned and grown every day. He tells us about his passion for sports, learning, fitness and his dream of becoming a Massage Therapist for a major sports team.  


How are you enjoying your time at CCMH Cambridge?
Enjoying is an understatement, it is truly amazing to be around like minded people and learning new things every day. I have made some great friends and have also had the opportunity to network with the faculty. It’s my home away from home!

Why did you sign up for the Run for the Toad Outreach?
Working with athletes is a great passion of mine. When I saw the posting for a sports outreach program, I immediately jumped on the opportunity. The fact that I can help someone improve their performance or aid them to recover faster from an injury is extremely rewarding.

Can you tell me about the event?
Run for the Toad has been running for 15 years now and it is Canada’s largest trail run, held in beautiful Pinehurst lake conservation area located in Brant, Ontario. Many sponsors and spectators come to check out the event and it’s a contagious atmosphere. There were over 1000 competitors running 25k or 50k races. You know what that means: lots of sore muscles and dare I say “cool” injuries. We learned how to handle everything we’ve been learning in class first hand. This was a great way to get valuable experience, network and boost our confidence too!

What are you most excited about for your future career?
There is so much to look forward to! One thing for certain is I want to continue to work with athletes. Being a Sports Massage Therapist is my dream job. I have always played sports growing up, taking part in competitive soccer and rugby. Unfortunately, due to many injuries I had to retire early, but I still love to keep fit and that is why I was inspired to become a personal trainer.

When I heard that the Sports Massage Therapist for the Toronto FC graduated from CCMH, I thought this could be me one day! I often train my clients and myself in more of a functional fashion. Whether they’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, the best way I can help anyone reach their full potential is to not only strengthen the muscles and joints but also manually manipulate the soft tissues. It’s the perfect combination to allow someone to reach their full potential.

Attending CCMH has me dreaming big, maybe one day I’ll be taking over the TFC as their head therapist and keeping CCMH on the map!

What’s one thing about Massage Therapy you’ve learned that you didn’t know before the program?
I learn something I didn’t know about Massage Therapy every day. I have learned that Massage Therapy can help people in so many ways that many people, myself included, are unaware of. I’m being taught every day how we can help people recover from many pathologies and injuries.

People often think Massage Therapy is mostly for relaxation and tight muscles, but that is definitely not the case. I have also become fluent in a language I have been trying to master for years (anatomy). Not only is this the best of natural medicine, it is knowledge and learning about the human body that will never truly end. I am looking forward to continuing to learn alongside my peers in the terms to come.

We’re so glad you’re having a positive experience and thank you for sharing your lessons, Wahid!

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