CCMH’s Outreach Program Prepares You for Massage Therapy Jobs

CCMH’s Outreach Program Prepares You for Massage Therapy Jobs

Every Friday, students from CCMH Cambridge participate in an outreach program with members of the University of Guelph’s wrestling team. CCMH students also treat athletes from various other sports teams at the university. This year, in addition to the regular weekly outreach, CCMH students are excited to lend a helping hand as part of the United World Wrestling Canada Cup in Guelph! The event will be held at the Sleeman Centre on Saturday, June 25. It should prove to be a great event!

One of the attendees of our regular outreach, Ryan “6 Pack” Lapadat, is not a wrestler but has strong ties to the university and its wrestling team. Ryan is a powerlifter who has won several competitions, including World Champion of Powerlifting in 2012 and North American Champion of Powerlifting in 2014.

Ryan was very happy to share his thoughts on his experience with CCMH’s outreach program:

“After years of Powerlifting, my body has been pushed to the limits. I have won many International titles, and even a few Guinness World Records along the way.”

“At 36, all the years of heavy lifting and competing looked to have finally caught up with me. In constant pain, I contemplated retiring from the sport I love. In a last ditch effort, I reached out to an old friend, Patrick Stiles, and he suggested I come to the University of Guelph’s massage outreach by the Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy students.

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It took only a few sessions to see a massive improvement. First the pain left in my day to day movements. Then I was able to train without the back pain. Now I am back, with new records and titles to hunt for. This is a program that needs to be safe guarded, and continued. For the athletes that benefit from it, to the students that learn from it, to the University that gains the prestige.”

CCMH strives to help students reach their full potential as RMTs and to embrace the journey that brought them into the world of Massage Therapy.

What was your journey prior to becoming an RMT? Want to share your story? Contact us at [email protected].



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