CCMH Grad Shares Advice on Massage Therapy Training

CCMH Grad Shares Advice on Massage Therapy Training

At CCMH, we are very grateful and proud to have such a supportive community and network of alumni, faculty and current students. We are always interested to hear about our students’ experiences at school and their experiences after graduation. We asked some of our past graduates what advice they would give to our current students, and this is what they had to say:


Ask Questions

Asking questions is one of the most valuable tools you have during your time as a student. You are in school to learn how to be an amazing RMT and we want to help you get there. “Take advantage of your instructor’s knowledge and clinical pearls of wisdom,” one alum instructs. “Ask questions and learn as much as you can from [your instructors], especially in clinic, because when you get out on your own you won’t have the opportunity to have someone come show you cool and relevant things while you are treating.”

Whether it is a certain technique or a particular approach, your instructors are happy to share their expertise and insights with you. “Take the steps to be the clinician you want to be. If you see someone doing something that interests you, ask them about it! If there is an instructor that treats how you think you want to treat, make time to pick their brain. Learn the things you want to learn, treat the way you want to treat, and you will love your job!”

If you are not sure what you are interested in asking, listen to your classmates’ questions for inspiration. This is a great way to further your own learning and curiosity. Who knows where these questions might take you!

Practice, Practice, Practice

Success comes with practice and time. Clinic and outreach initiatives are wonderful opportunities to hone your skills and get experience working with a wide variety of clients. One grad’s advice: “Practice your palpation – your ability to correctly find and locate specific structures will pay off in your outcomes with patients.”

Take Care of Yourself

Be an example to your clients by valuing and prioritizing self-care. Massage Therapy is a physically demanding career, so make sure that you take care of yourself and listen to your body. As one grad highlighted: “We all leave school in the hopes of lasting longer in this profession than just a few years. That can only happen when priority is given to taking care of yourself – an active lifestyle, strengthening exercises, learning how to harness your body weight when applying pressure to not cause injury to yourself. I’ve been going strong for 11 years with full-time hours and 45-50 treatment hours a week. And I still feel amazing.” You certainly don’t have to wait until you are a practicing RMT to take this advice. Start early to form this healthy habit and perspective.

Many thanks to our alumni for their wonderful advice!

CCMH supports our alums in finding their next steps. For other career tools, such as our job board, please visit the CCMH website. If you would like to share some advice, please contact [email protected]



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