Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

CCMH Testimonial

At CCMH/WCCMT, our aim is to provide our students with a world-class Massage Therapy program, and we are thrilled when our students tell us that we have done just that. There is no greater compliment than the positive feedback we receive from our students and alumni. Our experienced faculty care about helping students develop the skills and expertise they need to provide clients with quality care, and we are delighted to hear that our graduates are thriving as RMTs!

We are happy to share a few of the wonderful notes we have received over the years. We are grateful to Paul, Michelle and Nancy for telling us what our Massage Therapy program meant to them:

“I highly recommend this college for anyone who is interested in a career in Massage Therapy. I found the education to be first class and the instructors are amazing. My overall experience has been life changing and I am very excited in starting my career as a Massage Therapist.”
– Paul Hardcastle, RMT, Graduate

“This program is one of the best for going into the Massage Therapy profession. One of the highlights of the program was working side by side with highly trained and inspiring instructors.”
– Michelle Jackson, RMT, Graduate

“Since graduating from CCMH I have been working at two clinics, including the Waterloo Sports Medicine Clinic, and having lots of fun doing so. I have been invited to participate on two research studies as well. Massage Therapy is an amazing field to be in right now – the world is your oyster.”
– Nancy Howden, RMT, Graduate

We are touched that our students have such a high regard for the program! Both Paul and Michelle reference their exceptional instructors, who are passionate about teaching and supervise opportunities in clinical internships and outreach programs.

We would not be able to provide the world’s best Massage Therapy program without our world-class instructors! In fact, several CCMH/WCCMT graduates have come back as instructors, clinic supervisors and guest speakers. Our students truly do become the masters, serving as teachers and mentors to current CCMH/WCCMT students and improving the profession through research.

We love hearing how our Massage Therapy program has changed lives and opened so many doors. As Nancy says: “the world is your oyster” – and she is not the only one of our students who has said so.

We look forward to helping many more students on their journeys to becoming RMTs!

CCMH/WCCMT loves sharing the experiences of our students in Toronto, Cambridge, Halifax, Vancouver and Victoria. For more first-hand experiences, you can read Christiane’s blog here. If you would like to share your story, please contact [email protected]


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