Hard Work + Dedication = Success

Hard Work + Dedication = Success

              Hard, self-directed work is needed to become an expert in any field and Massage Therapy is no exception. Haren, a CCMH Cambridge graduate, is proof that a good work ethic can and will get you to where you want to be.


              Haren’s journey to becoming a Registered Massage Therapist began after returning home to Guelph after deciding that Mechanical Engineering wasn’t the right fit for him.  He took some time to decide where he wanted to focus his time and energy. Taking inspiration from his father, a physiotherapist, and his childhood love of sports, he decided that becoming an RMT was the right choice. He walked into CCMH and signed up for the 18-month accelerated program.


              Thanks to his strong work ethic, Haren excelled in school. The year and a half flew by fast and he was amazed at how his teachers made his studies interesting. “The course material can often be dry, but the teachers passionate about their material can bring it to life,” he describes fondly. Haren found the exams at the end of his studies easy and had no problem with the board exam either. “School prepared us so well, so it made the board exams a walk in the park!”


              Not long after graduating, Haren started working at his father’s office in Guelph. He soon found opportunities outside of the family business and began working at a number of clinics in and around the GTA.  As an RMT, Haren was working three jobs, one at a Chiropractic clinic, one at the Royal York Fairmont and another at a clinic in Etobicoke. Once work really took off, Haren was treating ten to sixteen patients a day. He says that CCMH gave him the techniques he needed to succeed, but also the ability to read situations. “Nothing is straightforward in the world of Massage!” he says.


              Haren’s hard work has clearly paid off! He has been receiving job offers  from clinics all across North America. He has had incredible career so far, treating many victims of motor vehicle and work place accidents. He has loved his time at the interdisciplinary clinics. “There are lots of interesting cases” he says, “but sometimes you can disagree with other healthcare practitioners about treatment plans.” Open communication and respect for each other’s unique training is an important part of working for an interdisciplinary clinic. For now, Haren has decided to go back to school and is focusing on Osteopathy and finding balance in what has been a busy year.


              When asked what advice he’d give to future RMT’s Haren says this: “Make your own hours, work as much or as little as you want to, but remember, if you want to build a client base and gain that flexibility, you need to put in the time at the beginning.” It always comes back to hard work. It may seem difficult at first, but the rewards make those difficult hours worthwhile.  




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