Going Beyond Borders: The Right Place and Time

Going Beyond Borders: The Right Place and Time

It is always fascinating to look back and see the outcomes of one decision. Was it meant to be? Was it just luck? SiennaCCMH Student Sienna was born and raised in Oregon where she completed an undergraduate degree in Spanish before traveling abroad to teach English in South Korea. “I didn’t know what to do or where to go after university.” said Sienna, “So I thought: why not travel and have some awesome experiences while I save (up) money in case I decide to go to graduate school? It was a great 18 months. Not only did I learn a lot, but I also met Andy, who is now my husband.”

Sienna knew she had always been interested in a career in healthcare, but had put this aside while studying language at university. So while in South Korea, she started doing some research, which led to her looking into Massage Therapy. She decided that that was what she wanted to do. Since Sienna and Andy had been dating long-distance for over a year, she looked at Massage Therapy schools in Canada as well as in the United States as Andy lives in Guelph, Ontario. “I saw the discrepancy between Canada and the U.S. in Massage Therapy programs.” said Sienna, “There is a huge difference in the hours spent learning. In the States, most of the programs are 500-800 hour programs whereas in Canada, it’s more like 2200 hours. It’s a vast difference. This was a big factor in my decision to do the program in Canada over the U.S. And it’s great that Canadian trained MTs are recognized worldwide.”

Sienna was doing all of her research in South Korea so she couldn’t visit different schools’ campuses or call for information that conveniently. “I chose CCMH because I wanted the best education. They are known for that and have the best stats. CCMH was also the only school that actually wrote back full answers. The other schools were very impersonal, like they didn’t read my emails and sent generic responses. Susy and Jessica answered all of my questions and were so accommodating and helpful. CCMH was by far the most helpful school I contacted.”

Now in her final term, Sienna says, “My biggest thing right now is reviewing. Read it once, then read it again, and get the repetition in – be it on notecards, highlighting, or by retyping your notes. My advice – whatever repetition works for you…do it.” And good advice it must be, especially after hearing that Sienna received a mark of 100% on her last test. Sienna feels that she is at an advantage because she enjoys learning about the human body and has been interested in pregnancy and infant massage for a long time. She feels especially connected now when learning about pregnancy and infant massage as she is expecting her own baby!

After graduation, Sienna would be interested in working as a RMT alongside a chiropractor. “I feel that Massage Therapy and Chiropractic go together well – bones and muscles go together – and the two coinciding is beneficial.” She would also love to have her own practice one day, but wouldn’t want to start a business right away. “I have so much more to learn and would benefit from being around healthcare professionals. I would love a mentoring situation, like having an RMT in the room next door.”

We can’t wait to hear where Sienna goes next, and know that her future is bright!

Sienna is a current CCMH student and is expected to graduate this September. If you are interested in sharing your story, please contact us at [email protected]


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