Josie’s Story: Big Risks, Big Rewards

Josie’s Story: Big Risks, Big Rewards

CCMH Graduate Josie Ward on the Big Risks & Big Rewards of Starting her Own Clinic!

Josie Ward loves the challenge of running her own massage therapy clinic – she thrives on it. After graduating from CCMH last summer, she opened her own clinic, Riversideriverside massage Massage Therapy Clinic, last November. While awaiting her exam results, she considered where to open her clinic and who fell into her target market. She decided to rent a place in Cambridge located near the river, in a building that housed other health care practitioners to boost her network and the chance of getting referrals.

Josie knew she was going to put all of her effort into making this clinic a success. She wanted to live her dreams and she decided to take a leap of faith and return to school to study Massage Therapy. She had worked in management in the retail and hospitality industries, but she had always wanted to work for herself. “I love a good challenge.” said Josie, “I set myself high goals and expectations.” Josie readily admits that her confidence went up and down as she contemplated opening her own business. “I felt confident again by Term 4. My CCMH teachers are amazing, and they supported me in my dream of opening the business.”

Josie1Now Josie is doing what she always wanted to do – as a leader, helping people, and making an impact on people’s lives. As Josie says, “It is a circle of feeling good. I feel good, my clients feel good. There is nothing better. … When a client rebooks, it is amazing! [It is] the ultimate validation that I am doing something right, that it is worth it.” She loves it when her clients obviously feel comfortable, and can laugh and connect with her during a treatment. “I am providing a service, and I want it to be the best.” said Josie, “I am dedicated to treating a person’s condition appropriately.” It is clear that her clients appreciate her attention and efforts as the majority of them come back to her again and again.

Josie’s passion and hard work were essential to getting her clinic up and running. After all she did not build her practice overnight. Long hours and dedication were necessary to get her clinic off the ground, and growing her client base was a slow process. But the effort involved in obtaining each client was well worth it. In addition to her passion and hard work, Josie’s personal strength was also essential to her success. From her decision to return to school in her late twenties to her effort to open her own clinic, Josie is a wonderful example of a student who has put herself out there to fulfill her dreams. “People are afraid, they get stuck in situations. [I told myself] Just try something new. You are the only one who can put yourself out there.” she said. We admire seeing Josie achieve her goals. Whether working in a clinic, or starting a business of your own, or taking another one of the many paths we see CCMH grads take, we hope you follow your dreams too.

Would you like to open your own clinic? It is a pleasure to see Josie succeeding as a Massage Therapist and Entrepreneur. If you would like to learn more about our programs to get started on your own new career path, come to our Open House. You can also learn more (or get a massage from) Josie herself. Email Josie at: [email protected] or call her at 519-221-7207


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