RMT, Athlete and RMT to the Athletes

RMT, Athlete and RMT to the Athletes

head shots-SRSteve’s Story

Growing up, CCMH Cambridge Faculty Member and RMT Steve Richtaritsch played sports like hockey and soccer. He knew he wanted a career in athletics and health care, but he didn’t always know how he was going to go about it. Steve was working with his father in construction when he came across a CCMH pamphlet that piqued his interest. He decided to go to an Open House at the Cambridge campus to learn more about the massage therapy program. He felt confident that the program was right for him and liked that at the end he would have a direction. “The program is practical. It was the perfect fit for me,” said Steve.

While Steve enjoys the study of anatomy and body mechanics, he appreciates the difficulties students can encounter with the program. “It’s a tough program,” said Steve. “It’s [also] misunderstood. My fellow construction workers, friends and family didn’t always take the profession seriously.” But they quickly changed their tune, asking him for advice and suggestions. Steve’s family are now advocates for Massage Therapy, especially as Steve’s sister also graduated from CCMH and is practicing in a clinic in Grand Valley.

After his own graduation, Steve started working in athletics and health care just as he had hoped he would. At the clinic where he practices, the kw health connection, he works with athletes such as runners who do marathons, half-marathons, and Weekend Warrior Marathon runners. “Some people are very passionate about performance enhancing massage and also preventative massage, while some require rehabilitative massage.” said Steve. “A few runners will come to see me before a race like the Boston Marathon and they see a big difference.” Recently, Steve introduced hot stone massage therapy at his clinic. Steve says, “Athletes especially like hot stone for a spa day. The deep heat relaxes the muscles and allows you to treat muscles you might not otherwise reach.”

One thing Steve wants students to know about working in massage therapy is that “work ethic and personality” can make all the difference. To help build a trusting patient-therapist relationship, he uses sports to open a dialogue with his clients and establish an open and welcoming environment. He works hard to always provide better care so his practice evolves over time.

Steve P. Richtaritsch is a current CCMH Faculty member and a CCMH Alumnus. To learn more about the faculty at CCMH Cambridge, please click here.


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