Our Team

Brittany Sime, RMT
Co-Campus Director

Brittany (Campbell) Sime, graduated from WCCMT after completing the 3000 hour program and has been practicing since 2010 in Victoria. Brittany is treating a growing number of patients with a variety of pathologies and injuries while also assisting with maintenance care.  In addition to her clinic work, Brittany returned to WCCMT in 2012 as an instructor and Clinic Supervisor.  When she is not working, Brittany enjoys yoga, traveling and being outdoors.

Nicole Scovill, RMT
Co-Campus Director

Nicole moved to Victoria from Southern Alberta in 2000 to pursue her education in Massage Therapy at WCCMT.  Since her graduation in 2003 Nicole has built a successful practice in James Bay, maintaining a special interest in treating pregnant women.  Complimenting her dedication to healthy lifestyle which includes meditation and running Nicole is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science through TRU.

Lindy Lovett
Executive Director of Operations

Lindy is responsible for all operational, financial and administrative affairs of the Victoria campus including the day to day operations of the student Public Intern Clinic.  Additional responsibilities include marketing and promotion for the WCCMT Victoria campus and she also plays a central role in admissions. Lindy has over 35 years of experience working with small businesses and has been with WCCMT since August 1999.

Jennifer Koebernick, RMT
Clinic Coordinator

Jennifer Koebernick is a 2006 graduate of WCCMT Victoria and has an active practice here in Victoria. In addition to assisting clients with maintaining health and wellness, she has a special interest in treating post surgical conditions, with a focus on post mastectomy and post caesarean. In her spare time, Jennifer can usually be found adventuring in the outdoors or on the water.

Alice Yaghi
Administrative Assistant

Alice moved to Victoria from northwest Montana and joined the staff at WCCMT in the fall of 2008.  Alice earned her B.A. in English and Religious Studies at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA and her M.F.A. in Creative Writing at the University of Idaho.  Alice enjoys supporting students as they pursue their higher education and fulfill their dreams.

Samantha Maegaard
Executive Assistant

Samantha graduated from WCCMT’s Spa Practitioner program in August 2010 and joined the staff at WCCMT in the fall of that year doing Clinic Reception.  In July 2016 Sam took on the role as Executive Assistant and plays a central role in Admissions.  Sam enjoys assisting students in their daily school activities as well as enjoying her responsibilities in managing our busy public intern clinic.

Marli Postulo
Clinic Reception

Marli joined WCCMT in October 2016 doing Clinic Reception and brings her customer service skills from the retail and hospitality industry.  Marli also is a graduate of the Canadian College of Performing Arts.

Our Instructional Faculty
Liz Aitken, RMT

Fran Blake, BA, RMT

Maegan Chase,RMT

Darcie Coles, RMT

Jaime Coy, RMT

Richard McIlmoyle, BSc, DC
Sean Payne, BSc, DC
Rosemarie Caulder, M.Ed, RCC, RMT (ret’d)
Jaime de Melo, BSc, ND
Harry Kaari, RMT
Kelsey Matichuk, RMT
Matthew Fleet, RMT
Sam Low, RMT
Robyn Horner, RMT
Chris LaChambre, RMT
Catrin Jones, RMT
Michelle Payne, BSc., ND
Elora Selby, BHSc., RMT
Vanora Millar, RMT
Joanne Pady, BSc., CAT
Blaire Pardee, RMT
Alysa Hindle, MSc.
Steve Roland, RMT
Alison Sadler, RMT
Eric Van der wekken, RMT
Mark Strudwick, BSc, DC
Nick Milston, BSc., DC


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