Therapeutic Massage

Massage Therapy has been proven to positively affect the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems and to rehabilitate physical injuries and improve health.  Consultation and assessments are included in the treatment time.  Anyone with pain or dysfunction arising from musculoskeletal tissues can benefit, as well as those with systemic disorders affecting circulation, digestion, or general well being.  Patients can expect to receive a full one hour massage.

Hydrotherapy Treatments

The benefits of hydrotherapy “water healing” have been recognized for thousands of years.  Hydrotherapy treatments involve the use of water for soothing pains and treating diseases.  It improves circulation and stimulates healing by enhancing the oxygenation and circulation of blood and lymph, by promoting better digestion of food and nutrition to the cells, and by increasing the oxidation and elimination of toxins.  It also helps to strenghten the general defense of the body and assists in the restoration of nervous equilibrium.  When you book a Hydrotherapy appointment please remember to bring your bathing suit and non-slip footwear.


Enjoy a hot bath with a multitude of high-pressure ‘Jet Massage’ stations.  This bath combines the powerful effects of general heat treatments with the deep massaging action of high power jets that can penetrate to the deepest ‘nagging’ muscle or joint problem.


Herbal Bath

This Therapeutic bath combines the powerful effects of medicated salts or essential oils with the benefit of programmable wave action of our Meridian© Bath. Your therapist will help you select an herbal additive or salt suited to your specific needs. Then you just recline in this versatile bath and let it go to work for you. Renowned for centuries, this treatment can be effectively customized to suit a wide variety of conditions.  The air jet tubs provide the added benefit of “micro massage”, effective in relaxing sore and aching muscles.  This treatment is beneficial for insomnia, poor circulation, irritated skin and chronic muscle related conditions.


Infra-Red Sauna

This familiar treatment in very hot, dry air is used for purification and rejuvenation. Some European cultures attribute their long, healthy lives, to frequent sauna treatments, cleansing dirt from deep within the pores and fortifying the immune system.  Infrared heat penetrates deeper, heats the body faster and more safely than conventional, convection saunas.

The sauna is made of the finest Canadian Red Cedar, and it provides safe and effective radiant heat. This treatment aids with pain relief, skin stimulation and stress reduction due to an increase in blood circulation.

Dry Brush

This is a comparatively gentle, full body skin exfoliation with a soft bristle brush.  The therapist will also demonstrate a simple routine for home use for weekly rejuvenation and maintenance.

Steam Cabinet

This treatment modality allows immersion of the whole body in steam, excluding the head.  With similar benefits to the steam room, this application has the added comfort of enabling you to breathe room -temperature air while your body experiences intense heat and steam.

Russian Steam Unit

Sometimes referred to as the “Russian Bath”.  This is a special room filled with hot steam which may improve respiratory function, relax tightened muscles, reduce chronic pain  increases circulation and improve flexibility.  Maximum therapeutic effects are experienced when used prior to a massage treatment.

Salt Glow

Following a preheating in the steam or sauna,  a salt paste is applied as a vigorous skin scrub, stimulating the nervous system and circulation.  By removing dead skin cells, the body’s largest organ is primed to function better, leaving your entire body with a smoother complexion and a healthy ‘glow’.


Paraffin Wax

A series of layers of heated therapeutic wax are applied to an area of chronic pain.  This treatment, performed during a massage,  will often allow the therapist use of more advanced techniques resulting in greater flexibility of joints and muscles.


Affusion Therapy

Used extensively in health spas in Europe, affusion involves the “pouring” of a stream of water over the body or part of the body. This tepid stream of water could be at a high pressure (Blitz Guss) or at a low pressure (Low Affusion), turning your session into a real invigorating and uplifting experience. This treatment can be customized to a wide array of conditions and tolerances. The treatment involves contrasting (different temperatures) water application to achieve specific therapeutic effects such as enhancing  circulation and strengthening the body’s immune system.

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