Most Highly Credentialed and Experienced Instructors in the Profession Today

Delivering great massage therapy classes requires great instructors. At CCMH our exceptional teaching staff is a key reason why our graduates are consistently successful candidates writing the Provincial Registration Examinations.

Many of our instructors hold advanced degrees in Health Sciences and are Registered Massage Therapists with several years of clinical and teaching experience.  In addition, all of our instructors have completed an instructor development program and are motivated to ensure that his or her students receive the best education possible.

Finally, it’s also about attitude and at CCMH. Our faculty are committed, caring and compassionate lifelong learners eager to share their knowledge and skills with our students.


Administration Team

Terry-Lynn Nolan, RMT
Campus Director, Director of Education & Student Services

Terry-Lynn joined the CCMH family in January 2004. She is extremely passionate about her profession and believes strongly in the efficacy of Massage Therapy. Terry-Lynn commits herself to delivering the highest standard of education to all aspiring Massage Therapists and continuously strives for the betterment of the program and profession. Terry-Lynn is honoured to have the opportunity to give back to the profession and play a role in molding the next generation of Therapists. She always looks forward to sharing her experience, knowledge and skills with her students and endeavours to ensure that each student reach academic excellence and possess the best hands-on skills possible. Terry-Lynn works closely with the Education Team to help facilitate success of the entire student body. She is a proud alumnus; graduating from CCMH herself in 1999.

Susy Goldstein, B. Ed, MBA 
Director of Admissions 

Susy joined the CCMH team in 2011. She holds a B.Ed degree as well as an MBA. With almost 30 years experience in the business world, Susy brings a wealth of knowledge to the position of Director of Admissions. She is responsible for providing information on the program to prospective students and ensuring the smooth transition of new students entering the program.

Julie Steinberg, Barrister & Solicitor
Manager of Compliance & Finance Officer                                                             Julie completed an MA in History at the University of Toronto, and subsequently completed a concurrent Juris Doctor/Master of Public Administration program at Queen’s University in 2014. After completing her Articling term with the Crown Law Office – Criminal of the Ministry of the Attorney General, Julie was called to the Ontario bar as a lawyer in June 2015. Julie’s interest in healthcare and regulatory affairs led to her work with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care as Senior Process Improvement Consultant, where she became well-versed in the Ontario healthcare landscape.

Julie is a passionate advocate of the benefits of massage therapy and joined the CCMH/WCCMT team in May 2016. Julie is involved in working collaboratively with the Directors of Education and Operations in B.C., Ontario, and Nova Scotia in the fulfillment and maintenance of compliance, accreditation, and approval requirements for our campuses. Julie is also involved in the day-to-day life of the Toronto campus as the Finance Officer, where she works closely with all departments and assists students, faculty, and staff to ensure the smooth operation of the facility.

Lee Moran,
Clinic & Outreach Coordinator
Lee joined the CCMH Toronto Team in February 2015.  She graduated from Trillium College in 2012 gaining a diploma as Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy Assistant.  Lee worked as a PTA/OTA in the GTA gaining clinical experience that she shares with her students daily.  Lee also brings 16 years managerial experience to the CCMH Clinical Practicum program.  She is dedicated in encouraging all students to embrace their potential as they work towards becoming healthcare professionals.

Tahera Gittham
Clinic Receptionist-Medical Office Assistant
Tahera graduated as a Medical Office Assistant from the Academy of Learning College.  Since graduation she has worked in  medical clinics in administrative positions. She is also a certified transcriptionist from Career step, Trios College.  Tahera possesses outstanding administrative skills and the ability to remain organised even while working under pressure. Tahera has the ability to put people at ease and work as part of a team.  She is proud to have joined the CCMH team!!

Carlye Campbell, RMT                                                                                                 Carlye started her massage therapy career in a multi-disciplinary clinic, before starting her own clinic in 2011. She began her healthcare journey early in life, as she took a high school co-operative class at the age of 16 in a Physiotherapy clinic and fell in-love with healthcare. She went on to attain her PTA/OTA diploma in 2002 from Conestoga College. Deciding she wanted to help people on a greater level, she went back to school to become a Registered Massage Therapist, graduating with honours, from Everest College.

Carlye takes her position as a Regulated Health Professional very seriously and enjoys educating future RMT’s to help make the profession the best it can be. She started teaching in 2012 at Everest College, teaching an array of courses, from anatomy, to treatments, to kinesiology, to assessments (her passion). When Everest College closed suddenly in early 2015 she was welcomed into the CCMH family and given an opportunity to continue teaching, her passion, assessments.

Jeffrey Day, BFA, RMT                                                                                                        A graduate of CCMH and recipient of the Trisia Beck Award, Jeffrey returned to the school to teach in September 2015.  Following his dedication to being a lifelong learner, and practicing in two multi-disciplinary clinics in the GTA, he has forged valuable relationships with other healthcare practitioners. These endeavors support his growing foundation of skills in treating a wide variety of conditions and providing client centered care.

In 2004, Jeffrey graduated from the University of Windsor with a BFA in Music Theatre studying extensively the body through voice/breathing techniques, movement and dance. His love of the arts and sciences provide him with the ability to facilitate treatments from clinical evidence-based research and holistic-care approaches. Jeffrey holds additional training in assessments, myo-fascial release, craniosacral therapy, and cupping massage.

Mark Dones, RMT, SMT(cc)                                                                                       Mark has been practicing as a Registered Massage Therapist/Sports Massage Therapist at a Running Clinic in Toronto since he graduated from CCMH in 2013. 12 years prior to studying Massage Therapy, Mark was producing and budgeting for commercials and other projects for Film, TV, and the Web. Tired of working the long hours the media lifestyle offered, compounded with his own sports injuries, Mark became motivated to consider a career towards health care and jumped in feet first into becoming a Massage Therapist.

Since graduating, Mark has added a myriad of skills to his repertoire utilizing a unique blend of Swedish, Shiatsu, Cranial, Joint Mobilizations, Active Release and Myofascial Stretch/Release techniques to address an athletes injuries or concerns. Mark is eager to share his collective experience and skills to motivate CCMH students.

Paul Dziegielewski, RMT
Paul began his journey in healthcare as a certified personal trainer in 2007. He graduated from George Brown College in the Fitness and Lifestyle Management program which equipped him with skills knowledge and enthusiasm towards training clients and teaching various exercise classes. His passion for healthcare propelled him to expand his education by becoming a Registered Massage Therapist at CCMH. He developed a keen interest in fascial release therapy after graduating and has taken several courses to further develop his massage skills for chronic pain relief. He is delighted to be a part of the CCMH team and thrives on helping students recognize and achieve their personal goals.

Ellie Emberley, RMT                                                                                                       Ellie graduated with honours from the CCMH in June 2014. As well as massage, Ellie has also studied Emergency Medicine at the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology where she graduated as a Primary Care Paramedic in 2007.

While in school Ellie had the opportunity to spearhead a research project focussing on fascia and how its restrictions can prevent healing in the body. This lead to great insight and experience in how to manage fascial restrictions and allow the body to heal more quickly and efficiently after a period of immobility.

In the past two years Ellie has had the opportunity to work with Toronto City events such as the Goodlife Toronto Marathon, Run for the Cure and the Ride to Conquer Cancer. Working with these events provided her with some great experience and led her to the rehabilitation minded massage that she focuses on today

Lauren Gillen, H.B.A.,RMT,C.D.T.
Lauren graduated from Sutherland-Chan School & Teaching Clinic in 1997. She taught at CCMH from 1998 to 2006 and returned to teaching in 2012. Since graduating, Lauren gained experience working in a multidisciplinary health clinic, a group-owned massage clinic, hospitals, backstage with theatre, opera and dance troupes and in the film industry. Her additional training includes Thai Yoga Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Rehabilitative Ultrasound, Dr. Vodder Lymphatic Drainage & Combined Decongestive Therapy, Anatomy Review and Human Dissection. Lauren also holds an Honours B.A. in Theatre Arts and graduated in 2011 from Seneca’s 911 Emergency Communications Program. Since 2009, she has worked as an Advanced Medical First Responder with St. John Ambulance. Her course load includes Manual Skills and 4th term Treatments.

Julie Hann, BPHE, RMT
Before attending Massage Therapy School, Julie obtained a BPHE from the University of Toronto.  She has been an RMT for 19 years, and a college teacher for 16 years.  In her career, Julie established the first YMCA Massage Therapy service in Scarborough, developed and taught the Massage Therapy curriculum for the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, established and supervised student outreach at North York General Hospital Labour and Delivery, and hosts the CEU Seminar Series.  She is also a certified Thai Massage practitioner.  Julie lives and plays with her husband and two girls.

Corey Jonas, RMT                                                                                                          Corey is a Registered Massage Therapist that graduated from CCMH. Corey has a Bachelor’s Degree with Honors in Kinesiology from York University. Corey is a sports fanatic and enjoys playing many recreational sports. He has a passion in anatomy and body mechanics

Corey currently works as a mobile RMT traveling to people’s homes for homecare, rehabilitation and sports injuries. Corey also travels to corporate companies for massage events.  He is working as a clinical/outreach supervisor and T.A. at CCMH.

Sheldon M. Joseph, Ph.D.

Dr Sheldon earned his PH.D. in cell physiology at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in affiliation with the Cleveland Clinic.  He is a dynamic health sciences ‘edutainer’, entrepreneurial researcher, and inventor. He loves people and uses his unique, conversational, award-winning communication skills to effectively teach how the human body works.

Dr. Sheldon has been teaching for over 10 years and is currently teaching Systems Anatomy and Pathophysiology 1 and 3, as well as Research Literacy courses at CCMH.

Gavin Kerr, RMT
Gavin is a practicing registered massage therapist since graduating from Centennial College in 2002. He has and continues to work at a variety of locations throughout his career mainly focussing on wellness and pain relief treatments. He has been a massage instructor since 2006 covering a number of subjects such as massage techniques, treatments, assessments and remedial exercise. He joined the CCMH team in 2015 and is enthusiastic in continuing his instructing career in this dynamic and well respected college.

Janet Marzan, B.Sc., RMT
Janet graduated from Sutherland-Chan Massage Therapy School and Teaching Clinic in 1997. She also has an undergrad degree in Psychology and Biology from the University of Toronto. Janet has been in practice for 13 years, she began her teaching career at the CCMH in 2007. Her course load includes business & ethics courses, manual skills, palpation, assessment, synthesis, case studies, treatments, and OSCE Prep.

Yvonne Marello, RMT                                                                                                 Yvonne graduated from CCMH in 2015. Before studying massage therapy she came from a background in dance; both performing and teaching. In 2007 she graduated from the Performance Dance Studies program at George Brown College.

Now as a therapist she integrates her movement background with her anatomy training to provide therapeutic relief. One of her areas of focus is myofascial release, which manipulates the fascia to encourage increased movement and release throughout the body. Yvonne also has accreditations with Trimesters for prenatal massage and has recently been welcome back to instruct at CCMH as a clinic supervisor.

Asha Mokrosz, RMT, CDT, B.A (Hons)                                                                    Asha has been practicing as an RMT since graduating from Sutherland-Chan School in 2002. She has advanced training in Fascial Remodeling and is also fully certified in the Dr. Vodder method of Manual Lymph Drainage and Combined Decongestive Therapy. She integrates these techniques with different types of muscular work to design treatments for her clients that are individual and specific. She enjoys the variety of treating clients with all types of conditions, and dedicates part of her practice to helping women with various breast health issues.

Asha currently provides student instruction at Covenant House and is also a student clinic supervisor. She loves working with students and is honored to be part of the CCMH faculty.

Takayoshi Munemoto, MA, RMT, CLT
Taka studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and Feldenkrais movement methods, and his integrated approach is very unique and well considered; how our body moves without causing pains or obstructions. In his treatment as a manual therapist, he believes the evidence based yet holistic and organic approaches, integrate very well in the natural medicine. Taka believes that his accumulative knowledge and skills can benefit and motivate students learning at CCMH.
Taka has been an instructor at CCMH since 2011.

Maria Naccarato, RMT
Maria is a Registered Massage Therapist that graduated from CCMH. Before entering into massage therapy school, Maria completed her Bachelor of Science in Biology at Queens University. Throughout her studies, Maria always had a keen interest in anatomy and the human body. After completing her degree, Maria was introduced to the world of manual therapy.

Maria’s interest and knowledge in human anatomy is what comes through to her clients during treatments. Maria currently works at a wellness clinic treating many musculoskeletal injuries. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to share her knowledge with the students of CCMH.

Natasha Patriarca, RMT                                                                                                Natasha graduated from CCMH in June of 2011 and began practicing that September. She has continued her practice at a multiple-disciplinary clinic in Streetsville, Mississauga focusing on assisting her clients in rehabilitation and treatment of soft tissue injuries using safe and effective techniques and modalities. Natasha obtained her Trimesters Certificate in September 2010 and is experienced in pregnancy treatments.

Filippo Perzia, RMT                                                                                                               Filippo graduated for CCMH with honours in 2005. His passion for massage therapy started at a young age and continues to grow with each passing year. Filippo works at a multi-disciplinary clinic where he treats a variety of conditions from plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff injuries, pre and post event sport treatments, low back tightness all using a proactive approach with his clients.
Filippo came back home to teach at CCMH in April of 2015 and this new challenge has confirmed and solidified his dedication and desire for the profession. Filippo continues to encourage and push his students to strive to be better in their skills as he is a teaching assistant in a variety of practical classes. His firm but fair approach is consistent both in class and as a Clinical Supervisor for student clinic.
Filippo can’t see himself in any other profession and he knows his life path will always lead to something in the Massage Therapy Profession.

Shannon Reid, RMT                                                                                                      Shannon is a graduate of CCMH Toronto 2012 and joins the team with experience in infant massage and reflexology.
Shannon holds diplomas from both CCMH and Walmer College in Dublin, Ireland. Shannon is truly passionate about educating the next generation of registered massage therapists and currently teaches third and fourth term massage treatments. She is always excited to learn along side her students and looks forward to many years with the CCMH team.

Candice Verpaelst,RMT                                                                                            Candice was a competitive runner and swimmer throughout high school, which led to training with triathletes, (The Canadian Cross Training Club). Her dream was to become a professional athlete, but unfortunately she sustained an injury from the intense training. This drove her to become interested in learning about health and rehabilitation as a career.
Candice is a graduate from the massage therapy program at Centennial College Toronto, in 2005. She was practicing as a massage therapist in North York at a rehabilitation clinic with a physiotherapist and chiropractor for 4 years, with the primary focus being motor vehicle accident patients. Candice always had a passion to add to her knowledge and studies. She began a BA in health management at York University. Half way through her studies, she began teaching at a massage therapy college in North York, and realized that teaching others is her passion. She has been teaching in the classroom and student clinic ever since, finally coming to CCMH. She has a small in home practice now, with her focus being on teaching. Her other current passions include yoga, working out and nutrition.

Jane Wellwood, RMT
Senior Clinical Placement Instructor

Jane is a graduate of CCMH and has been practicing Massage Therapy in Ontario since 1992. She is also a member of the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia. Jane practices massage therapy in a multi-disciplinary health care clinic and also in a spa.  Since 1994 Jane has been an Instructor at CCMH providing clinical training to massage therapy students in many courses.

Jane is also the Senior Clinical Placement Instructor for student placements at two Toronto Rehab hospitals which includes providing massage therapy for stroke, acquired brain injury, geriatric and complex continuing care patients. Other student placements where Jane provides student instruction are for seniors and persons living with HIV at Fife House, and at Covenant House, a homeless shelter for youths.

Mark Wilcken, RMT
Mark graduated from CCMH in 1989 and has since gained experience in many clinical and spa settings and instructional roles. Teaching Hydrotherapy at CCMH since 1993 has been his most invigorating role. Since first enrolling at CCMH in 1987 the staff, classes and unsurpassed hydrotherapy program appealed to Mark and they still do as he continues his career at the school. He believes a strategic treatment plan that incorporates massage technique, hydrotherapy and remedial exercise, brings maximum patient recovery and performance.

Eric Wu, RMT                                                                                                                                   Eric is a student clinic supervisor, who graduated from CCMH in 2005. Over the past 11 years, he has developed a skill set including shiatsu, deep tissue and sports massage. Eric has been in the field of massage education for over 3 years, first with Trillium College and now with CCMH. He brings a varied experience ranging from working in multidisciplinary clinics, operating his own chair massage business and even working with the CMTO.

His love for the massage industry is matched by his love and appreciation for all the hard work he sees in the students he teaches. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge and techniques with a new generation of massage therapy students and helping to grow the career he so dearly loves.


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