CCMH Alum- Natale Rao

Nearly Four Decades Later, CCMH Alum Shares His Success and Some Tips for RMTs!

At CCMH, we love connecting with former students. It’s amazing to see where their education has taken them, particularly because many RMTs become entrepreneurs. A degree in Massage Therapy opens many doors and allows for a lot of flexibility in one’s’ career. This week we had the pleasure of speaking with Natale Rao, RMT. Natale graduated from CCMH Toronto in 1978. His exciting career is an excellent example of the perks of studying Massage Therapy. We spoke with him about his current work, what drives and challenges him, and his best advice for Massage Therapy students.

Like many of our students, Natale chose to pursue a career in Massage Therapy because of his strong inclination to find a profession in which he could be of service to others. He chose to study at CCMH because “at that time in Toronto, 1978, it was known to have a good reputation with qualified instructors.” After graduation, Natale moved around quite a bit – he worked and lived in Penticton for seven years, then moved to the Slocan Valley for two years, Salmon Arm for one year, Vancouver for 15 years; Shuswap for two years, and finally to Enderby, BC in 2006. Natale stayed in Enderby, where he currently maintains a Massage Therapy practice. He has even become a continuing education instructor on the side! “I am a continuing education provider and instruct Professional Development courses for RMTs in British Columbia and sometimes in Alberta,” explains Natale. Natale also taught at our West Coast College of Massage Therapy (WCCMT) for 27 years!

No great career path is without its share of bumps in the road. Like anyone in business, Natale faced some challenges along the way. “My business accounting was the most challenging thing, I found it too tiring after a hard day’s work.” But like any professional driven to succeed, Natale resolved to do his best. He saved all of his receipts, invoices and payments diligently. Then, during income tax time, he devoted an entire weekend to getting the job done. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, after all.

Natale is the epitome of a CCMH success story. He’s disciplined, runs a practice, teaches and is a self-starter. He’s taken the skills he has and turned them into a full and rich career. As such great role model, we asked for him to share his best advice for Massage Therapy students. He had three great tips to share:

  1. Learn and pay attention to how the body functions – from a three-dimensional perspective.
  2. Technique is not as important as understanding the body.
  3. Work from the understandings learned from principle-based therapies.

Massage Therapy is a difficult career to pursue and we hope Natale’s words of wisdom will guide and inspire our current and prospective students.

We always ask our graduates to weigh in on what they imagine the future will look like for the Massage Therapy industry. Natale graduated nearly four decades ago and has been witness to a ton of change in Massage Therapy practice and education. He thinks that there will be a desperate need for RMTs to be mentored by therapists that have experience and a broad understanding of therapy and ethics. So, reading these blogs and staying connected to your school will continue to be important.

We can’t wait to see what Natale accomplishes next, and we wish him all the best in his career.

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