Massage Therapists Can Practice Across Canada Easily

Massage Therapists Can Practice Across Canada Easily

Since 2009, Registered Massage Therapists have enjoyed being able to work easily in Canada’s regulated provinces. Regulated provinces in Canada include British Columbia, Newfoundland, Ontario and New Brunswick. With locations in BC and Ontario,  CCMH/WCCMT is a great choice for your Massage Therapy education because your credentials will be recognized elsewhere. If a massage therapist obtains their education in a regulated province, they can easily practice in another regulated province by completing a Jurisprudence Examination.

If you were educated in a regulated province and are hoping to move to an unregulated province, don’t worry. In other provinces the professional association or associations for massage therapy have recognized standards of practice which you can follow.

If you were trained in an unregulated province, it’s wise to become a member of your local massage therapist association after graduation. There are associations to join in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. These organizations have their own established standards of training and education which are respected and recognized widely in Canada.

CCMH has campuses across the country (in BC, Ontario and Nova Scotia) and as a result is able offer its students amazing networking opportunities. If you want to work in other provinces or abroad, members of the CCMH community (staff and alumni) can offer you tips and point you towards key resources for relevant job opportunities. For careers in another province, start by checking CCMH various campus job boards for opportunities.

Don’t take our word for it, our graduates prove time and time again that finding work as a RMT in Canada is easy after you graduate from CCMH/WCCMT. Frances Hay-Gould, a CCMH Cambridge graduate, has never had a hard time finding work as a RMT in Canada, despite relocating several times:

I have worked at a few clinics. I had to change due to my husband’s work. What I have found is that I can get work easily. I have never not had a place to work. It takes work and time to build your clientele, but in the end it’s worth it.

Meaghan Mounce, a RMT who trained at WCCMT Victoria, has travelled and worked in some of the most remote areas of the country, demonstrating that you can take your massage therapy education just about anywhere. She has even offered her services in Iqaluit, an area where virtually no massage therapy services have ever been offered before, and has this advice for RMTs who plan to go off the beaten path:

Do your research first! Can you contact any other massage therapists and find out their experience? Be prepared to network and promote yourself; in small communities word of mouth seems to be the best way to get your name around. Most of all, get into the community and experience the culture and what the local’s daily lives are like! I know that even though living in the Arctic is very different, it will be a time in my life that I will be happy I experienced!

If you’ve got the travel bug, rest assured that your RMT training at CCMH/WCCMT will serve you well while you’re on the move.

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