Toronto Massage Clinic

Get Your 60 Minute Massage at CCMH!

Have you tried our Student Intern Clinic yet? If not, you should book a Massage now! Receive a relaxing massage to increase systemic circulation and improve overall health. Each session consists of an initial assessment, the massage (a full 60 minutes!) and a reassessment. Your appointment will be 90 minutes in total.

We talked to CCMH students and supervisors about this amazing opportunity.

“It’s mind-blowing, it’s the opportunity to not only enhance the student learning, but an opportunity for the client, those who do not have access to an RMT, to get a full hour treatment under the safety and supervision of professionals,” explained clinic and outreach coordinator, Lee Moran.

“It’s beneficial for the student learning and for the patients,” reiterates Tahera Gittham, clinic receptionist. “The students get a longer time to think about assessment and the patients get a full one hour massage.”

In a recent survey, students said that they really enjoyed clinic because “they felt like they were truly helping people.”

It’s a good time to book now as clinic opens May 1, 2017! “We are seeing lots of booking coming in because people are excited about these new hours.” If you haven’t booked yet, book today!

If you are interested in learning more about CCMH, follow us on Facebook. If you’d like an opportunity to visit our campus as a student, email us at

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