Grade Notification

CCMH students are able to access their grades easily and quickly.  At the end of each term, course marks will be posted by student ID number, both on this website and on the designated Academic Information Boards at the College.  For a list of grades by term, click on the link below.

Any student concerns regarding marks can be addressed with Ange Phillips, Clinic and Academic Co-ordinator via email or phone 902-484-2080.  Jennifer Stuart, Executive Director, may also be contacted at or 902-484-0145.

If the final grade in any course is not a passing grade of 70% or more, students should contact either Ange or Jenn immediately to discuss options.

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Fast Track

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Class of 2017 Term 1 Fast Track Final Marks

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Class of 2017 Term 2 Long Track Final Marks

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Class of 2016 Term 4 Final Marks

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