Textbooks are available for purchase through university bookstores, amazon.com, or other resources. Our tuition fees do not include the cost of books.

Recommended Textbooks

Recommended- Term 1 Approximate Cost Available at:
Clinically Oriented Anatomy
6th Edition, 2010
Moore, K.
ISBN: 9780781775250
$86.00 www.LWW.com
Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice
Download www.cmto.com/PDFs/CodeofEthics.pdf
Ethics & Professionalism for Regulated Healthcare Professions, Massage Therapists’ Edition
Paiva, C.
ISBN: 9781897518755
$55.00 www.knowyourbodybest.com
Clinical Massage Therapy
2nd Edition, 2001
Rattray, F.
ISBN: 978096817710
$100.00 www.clinicalmassagetherapy.com
Principles of Anatomy & Physiology
13th Edition, 2009
Tortora, G. & Derrickson, B.
ISBN: 9781118088883
$170.00 www.wiley.com/go/ccmh
Trail Guide to the Body
4th Edition, 2005
Biel, A.
ISBN: 9780982663400
$60.00 www.curties-overzet.com
Total Estimated Textbook Costs for Term 1 $471.00
Recommended- Term 2 Approximate Cost Available at:
Orthopedic Physical Assessment
5th Edition, 2007
Magee, D.
ISBN: 9780721605715
$100.00 www.elsevier.ca
The Muscle Manual
ISBN: 9780973274226
$40 www.prohealthsys.com
Therapeutic Exercise Foundations & Techniques
5th Edition, 2007
Kinser, C. & Colby, L.
ISBN: 9780803615847
$73.00 www.fadavis.com
Total Estimated Textbook Costs for Term 2 $213.00
Recommended – Term 3 Approximate Cost Available at:
Bylaws, Policies and Position Statements
Download www.cmto.com
Health Care Consent Act (HCCA) Download www.e-laws.gov.on.ca
Heat and Cold as Therapy
1st Edition, 2006
Fowlie, L.
ISBN: 9780968525654
$45.00 www.curties-overzet.com
Making Sense of Research
2nd Edition, 2009
Menard, M.
ISBN: 9780968525661
$30.00 www.curties-overzet.com
Massage Therapy Act Download www.e-laws.gov.on.ca
Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) Download www.e-laws.gov.on.ca
Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) Download www.e-laws.gov.on.ca
Total Estimated Textbook Costs for Term 3 $75.00

No new books recommended for Term 4

Total Cost of Books for the Program: $759.00 (approx.)

Many of the science-based textbooks may be purchased at the Dalhousie University Health Science Bookstore.

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