Massage Therapy

Our Student Interns provide therapeutic or relaxation massage treatments to the general public in our Student Intern Clinic.  Appointments always include a thorough patient assessment to determine the most suitable treatment plan, followed by an individually tailored massage therapy treatment.

The regular price of a massage appointment is $30 Taxes included (75 minutes).

Massage & Hydrotherapy Combo

Hydrotherapy can be defined as the use of water, in all its forms, for therapeutic effect.  CCMH Halifax offers a range of hyrotherapy modalities in our well equipped hydrotherapy suite.

Patients of the Student Intern Clinic can choose to add one hydrotherapy treatment to their appointment at no additional cost. Appointments will not be extended beyond 75 minutes, therefore massages will be shortened to allow time for hydrotherapy.


Patients have the option to substitute the massage portion of their treatment for another hydrotherapy treatment. To do this, you must choose a combination of two modalities (in any order) following this guide:




For example, a patient might choose to have a full body SALT GLOW followed by a soak in the HOT TUB.

Please note: Even without a massage, the students are still required to do a 15 minute assessment prior to your treatment.

Hot Tub

Enjoy our whirlpool with a multitude of high pressure “Jet Massage” stations.  This bath combines the powerful effects of general heat treatments with the deep massaging action of high power jets that can penetrate to the deepest “nagging” muscle or joint problem.  Excellent choice for before or after a massage treatment.

Steam Room

This is a special room filled with hot steam which may improve respiratory function, relax tightened muscles, reduce chronic pain, increase circulation and improve flexibility.  This treatment will help to maximize the therapeutic effects of a treatment when used prior to the treatment and help to minimize side effects when used post treatment.

Infrared Sauna

This familiar treatment in very hot, dry air is used for purification and rejuvenation. Some European cultures attribute their long, healthy lives, to frequent sauna treatments, cleansing dirt from deep within the pores and fortifying the immune system.  Infrared heat penetrates deeper, heats the body faster and more safely than conventional, convection saunas.  Made of the finest Canadian Red Cedar, our sauna provides safe and effective radiant heat.

Salt Glow

Salt paste is applied as a vigorous skin scrub, stimulating the nervous system and circulation.  By removing dead skin cells, the body’s largest organ is primed to function better, leaving your entire body with a smoother complexion and a healthy “glow”.  Patients may choose to precede the salt glow with a steam or sauna, or enjoy a salt glow first before a hot tub and massage.

Dry Brush

This is a comparatively gentle, full body skin exfoliation with a soft bristle brush.  The therapist will also demonstrate a simple routine for home use for weekly rejuvenation and maintenance.

Cold Mitten Friction

The therapist will also demonstrate a simple routine for home use for weekly rejuvenation and maintenance.

Paraffin Wax Treatment

A series of layers of heated therapeutic wax are applied to an area of chronic pain.  This treatment performed during a massage will often allow the therapist to use more advanced techniques resulting in a greater flexibility of joints and muscles.  It is recommended for non-inflammatory arthritis or stiff joints.

Steam Cabinet

This treatment modality allows immersion of the whole body in steam, excluding the head.  With similar benefits to the steam room, this application has the added comfort or enabling you to breathe room temperature air, while your whole body experiences intense heat and steam.

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