Unlike public colleges and universities, CCMH is not subsidized by the government. We are therefore supported entirely by fees. Students may apply for Federal and Provincial Student Loans. Tuition is not subject to HST. The total tuition fee for the 2200-hour diploma program is $17,400.

Tuition is divided equally over two years for the both the 21 and 16 month programs.  Tuition for the Online-Onsite Blended program is divided over the duration of the program, but not in equal amounts.  For more information please our Admissions Department at

A non-refundable Application Fee of $100 is due with the application form.

The Administration Fee of $150 is due on the first day of class and is not part of tuition.


CCMH Halifax offers two payment options:

Option 1: 60/40 split, where 60% of the year’s tuition is paid on the first day of class and 40% is paid midway through the year.  The same would apply to each year of study.
Option 2: a monthly plan of 8 equal payments (includes a 2% interest fee) each year.

Tuition fees are subject to change at the discretion of the college with advanced notice.


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