Financial Aid

Be sure to plan ahead for the cost of continuing your education at CCMH.

If you are a permanent resident or Canadian citizen and you have resided in Nova Scotia for at least the last 12 months you may be eligible for a Nova Scotia Student Loan. Visit: to find a provincial Student Loan office.  You may apply online or applications may be found at your local Employment Office.

If you are a Canadian residing outside of Nova Scotia you may apply for financial aid through your home province or territory.  Remember, you MUST apply in the province or territory of which you resided for the last 12 months.

You may also apply for a Student Line of Credit through your bank.

Please note for Student Loan Applications:
CCMH Halifax is designated for Student Loans and our school code is HPFB
Onsite programs: 5 credits per year
Online-Onsite Blended program: 2 credits in year 1
2 credits in year 2
6 credits in year 3

It is the responsibility of each applicant to submit accurate information and Student Assistance requires you to complete your own application.  Information such as Confirmation of Enrollment will be provided by the Registrar’s Office when requested to do so.  CCMH attempts to keep all information current and accurate and the information provided on this website is available to assist you in the application process.  CCMH cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies between our information and that of Student Assistance.  When in doubt, contact your provincial Student Assistance office.

To finalize the amount you will receive for the Provincial portion of you student loan (as a Nova Scotia applicant), you must submit a “Pre-Study Report”.  This information verifies your income for the 18-week period prior to the commencement of your studies.  Depending on the income you have earned, your loan may be re-evaluated, and once again, based on ‘need’ you may receive more or less then previously estimated.

Student Assistance expects that you will have put some money away to contribute to your education, so it is wise to contact your provincial office to determine the amount they have expected you to accumulate.

Third party funding is available through organizations such as Aboriginal Education offices or Second Career funding.  Please visit or find an Employment Office near you for more information.

There are a number of scholarships and bursaries from which CCMH students may also be eligible.  Please visit to see if you qualify.

If you have any questions, please contact our Financial Aid Officer at or (902) 484-0188.

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