About Us

CCMH is the College that started it all. Our Massage Therapy Diploma Program, first offered in 1946, has maintained its reputation among health care professionals by continually updating the curriculum to reflect current knowledge and research.

The curriculum leads students through a step-by-step progression of learning experiences culminating in a thorough understanding of the human body through over 2200 hours of training in various courses such as anatomy, neurology, kinesiology and therapeutic exercise. Theoretical courses are balanced by hands-on classes in the art and science of Massage Therapy. In addition, students learn the foundation skills that prepare them to establish and operate their own practices and businesses.

CCMH students participate in over 300 hours of supervised training in our on-site Student Intern Clinic, as well as various outreach programs and special events, all of which are organized by CCMH staff and supervised by Massage Therapists, to ensure a meaningful learning experience.

An appreciative graduate stated in an alumni survey, “Thank-you to all the teachers who shared their knowledge, I love what I do and I feel prepared and business is great!”

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