International Medical Massage Therapy Institute

CCMH/WCCMT is proud to announce our new partnership with India’s first medically-based Massage Therapy College, The International Medical Massage Therapy Institute (IMMTI).

Since our establishment in 1946, we have sought to spread our healing hands across Canada, educating multiple generations of Massage Therapists in our five campuses, Toronto, Halifax, Cambridge, New Westminster and Victoria. This year we are celebrating our 70th year, a milestone to say the least and we are honoured to be able to achieve another milestone by partnering with the IMMTI.

India has a very long history in massage therapy, one that IMMTI will continue to build on with its excellent curriculum. IMMTI will be at the forefront of promoting the healing value of therapeutic massage in health care institutions across the country.

We are extremely gratified that all graduates of the International Medical Massage Therapy Institute who wish to continue their studies in Canada will be referred to CCMH/WCCMT to continue and complete their studies at one of our five campuses in Canada.

Graduates of the program, after qualifying for a post-graduate work permit will be offered full-time employment opportunities at Massage Addict, Canada’s leading clinic of therapeutic Massage.

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