Applying Massage to Other Passions: Fatima Martins, the Body Building RMT

Applying Massage to Other Passions: Fatima Martins, the Body Building RMT

The beauty of Massage is that it can be applied to many different facets of multiple careers. What you learn as a Massage Therapist can help with your athletic goals, further your education in physical therapy, or even allow you to open your own business. We always enjoy hearing about successful graduates who applied their knowledge in ways that allowed them to explore other passions. Fatima Martins, a CCMH alumnus, not only became a successful RMT – she also used her Massage knowledge as a competitive advantage in her career as a bodybuilder.

Fatima graduated from CCMH Cambridge in 2004. The commute was easy and Fatima liked that the school focused solely on Massage Therapy and was conveniently located near her home.

Her love for anatomy and helping other people led to her career in Massage, a job that is extremely rewarding for her.

“I have lots of favourite parts of being an RMT. First is seeing the results from treatments with my clients. I love when my clients say ‘That was the best Massage ever!’ or ‘You have helped me so much!’

In addition to helping patients, Fatima enjoys the freedom and flexibility that Massage Therapy affords her. She can create her own schedule, allowing herself time to attend her children’s sporting events, and use her skills to work from anywhere in the world.

Another perk is applying her knowledge of human anatomy to another passion: bodybuilding.

“I’ve always had a passion for bodybuilding and fitness, but it wasn’t until Massage Therapy school that my training really took a turn. Learning more in depth about the human body helped my bodybuilding tremendously. Knowing each muscle origin and insertion and function helped my training skyrocket.”

The knowledge she gained at CCMH helped Fatima develop a mind muscle connection that enabled her to feel each contraction, rather than just going through the motions of a workout.

After years of people suggesting she compete, Fatima finally took to the stage in 2014. She competed in a regional show in London, Ontario and placed first in her category. This qualified her to compete at a Provincial level.

In 2015, Fatima went on to compete at Provincials in Toronto, where she placed first in her category for the all Ontario title. Boosting her to the National level, she traveled to New Westminster, BC in August 2016 and placed second out of 17 women from all over Canada.

Applying Massage to Other Passions: Fatima Martins, the Body Building RMT

Fatima admits that one of her bodybuilding secrets is Massage.

“Leading up to each competition, I always make time to have Massage Therapy treatments myself. This would help encourage blood flow and really help to make my muscles pop on stage.”

Applying Massage to Other Passions: Fatima Martins, the Body Building RMT

Although, she took the 2017 year off from competing to allow her body to recuperate, she is looking forward to competing in a regional show for the summer of 2018.

Like bodybuilding, Fatima puts her mind and heart into her Massage Therapy practice. As an RMT, she builds a connection with patients by being a good listener and establishing a trusting relationship.

The unique perspective of using her RMT knowledge to help her bodybuilding career allows Fatima to easily slip into the perspective of a patient – something she encourages for students.

“My advice to new and current students would be to put yourself in the position of a client as much as possible. It is important to know what feels good and what doesn’t. How much talking is too much? How much lotion is too much? Massage the way you want to be massaged. The best way to get new clients is to take care of the ones you have.”

At CCMH, we’re always proud to hear about a graduate’s success and are excited to learn the unique ways they’ve applied Massage Therapy to other passions. Thank you Fatima for sharing your story!

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