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Over Coming Boundaries: Alex’s Story!

Overcoming obstacles is a trait woven into most RMT’s experiences during their education process. Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to mentor students from all walks of life, each facing their own challenges  in their journey to becoming a Massage Therapist. Whether a physical disability, a learning challenge or something else altogether, CCMH is proud to see great students become exceptional Massage Therapists.

Alex Yakovlev, a 2014 CCMH graduate, was a dedicated student who is also visually impaired. Rather than letting that interfere with his goals, he became more focused and sought out the study habits and programs that worked best for him. Positive thinking is part of what led him to become a successful RMT today.

When Alex attended CCMH Toronto, his commute was a 50-minute drive from Thornhill. While the morning traffic gridlock was inevitable, what he learned each day made the traffic hurdles well worth it.

The Right Career

Knowing early on that he didn’t want to sit at a desk all day, Alex focused on finding a more physical job where he could help and interact with others. His interest in health, and the inner workings of the body led to his desire for a career in Massage Therapy. Despite his visual impairment (and in some ways because of it), Alex knew he would use all the skills and resources available to him in order to become successful in this field.

Picking CCMH was an easy choice – a fellow graduate had highly recommended our program, and Alex knew exactly where he wanted to go when it came time to apply.


Time management was a challenge for him as a student, because even though he had great planning skills, the visual material from his courses required more attention. He also faced a learning curve while finding the best ways for him to absorb information and optimize his studying habits. While his impairment did cost him some extra study time, he didn’t let that hold him back from achieving his goals. Alex formed a study group very early on as a student at CCMH and spent many hours at the school with his study group.  They all brought different skills to the table and it was very beneficial to the three of them.

In the long run, many of Alex’s challenges ended up becoming an advantage. As a visually impaired RMT, dealing with large quantities of clients’ paper files and other written documents could prove challenging. After applying the studying skills he learned at CCMH, he ended up with a good handle on all the intricacies of paperwork.

Now, Alex plays a supportive role in helping others overcome their health problems – a part of being an RMT that he absolutely loves. With this profession, he has an open door to a life-long learning experience.

Building a Bond

When connecting with patients, Alex believes that their bond is formed on multiple levels. The first part of the bond is personal, because they entrusted him with their private information. Then, there is the physical bond that develops as he works with clients to improve their body and their health. For Alex, this is very meaningful.

Over time, with the course of treatments and patient improvements, they connect on a level that is psychological and emotional. Alex joins his patient’s journey towards healing, forging all types of bonds along the way.

As for current and new students, Alex has one piece of sage advice: Keep your goals in mind and enjoy the journey to achieving them!

Sound words from our inspirational alumni.

At CCMH, we take great pride in our students and alumni for their diversity, dedication, and focus on achieving their goals no matter what their learning needs and styles are. Thank you, Alex, for sharing your story!

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